About CMS

IMG_2457Since it was founded in early 2005, The Chicago Mosaic School has become the premier center of education for Mosaic Arts in the United States. As the first non-profit school of its kind, CMS provides artists interested in serious study with an academic, materially-oriented approach to art education in the World Master tradition. Now in our 12th year, the school gives artists, teachers, and enthusiasts of all levels a place to explore all facets of mosaics- from classical reproduction to contemporary abstraction. CMS hosts some of the world’s most influential mosaic instructors from as far as Italy, England, France, Japan and Australia. The influence of the a new generation of mosaic artists can be seen around the world through the recognition of the work of our students.

Students and instructors come from around the world because they are looking for information and instruction about an art form rarely taught professionally in the USA. The instructors of CMS are professionally trained, often themselves practicing artists- offering the best instruction for all levels of students in a multitude of techniques, materials and approaches. The school is committed to providing an inspirational, nurturing and creative environment within our wonderful 7500+ square foot arts facility that houses our classrooms, artist studios, library and conference room, student lounge and The Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics. The Chicago Mosaic School serves as an educational source for lectures, tours, demonstrations and presentations from local, national, and international artists.

The Chicago Mosaic School’s clearly defined curriculum is built on a solid foundation of principles based on both classical processes and contemporary aesthetics. This World Master tradition is creating a new generation of the potential masters in this art form. CMS classes range from a basic 3-hour workshop for absolute beginners to master courses for artists with an advanced art education who are serious about their practice. The school preserves and promotes Mosaic Art through school programs, community partnerships, and teacher training programs. CMS offers opportunities to work with many kinds of organizations, schools, and neighborhood groups to collaborate and create sustainable Mosaic Art for public or commercial spaces. The Chicago Mosaic School has built relationships with art schools and universities like Columbia College, Northeastern University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to fill the void in premier academic education in Mosaic Arts.

CMS has grown into an internationally recognized, award winning center for Mosaic Art education. With an outstanding faculty, visiting artists from around the world and now, the first Certification Program in Mosaic Arts, this school is a thriving creative community that offers a Mosaic art education like nowhere else in the world.



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