“Finally. A place to study mosaics. I am so thrilled to find this school! The instructors are professionals who know about materials and applications. I feel like I am learning all things I’ve been trying to figure out on my own.” – R.L., Chicago

“Words can’t express how much the school means to us. Every minute, every class has been a great learning experience in both mosaics and life. Our gratitude for your vision!” – Deb M, Iowa

“AMAZING is the word that sums up my experience at the Chicago Mosaic School. I attended the Landscape Workshop with Giulio Menossi which was my first attempt at mosaics ever. I was completely in over my head taking such an advanced class but with the patient teaching of Giulio, it was in no time that I was making huge strides and feeling completely at ease. Karen Ami, the Director and founder of the school, is so skillful at creating community — bringing talented artists and teachers into an atmosphere where everyone wants to share what they know.  There is never a sense that information is proprietary.  I know I can’t wait to go back!”  – Nick S, Maine

“The instructor was excellent, well prepared with clear objectives and a great structure for the class. I learned new techniques for cutting, laying, creating texture, using complimentary colors and other good information. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.” – M.B., Michigan

“I took the workshop to learn to think like an artist, rather than a crafter. The instructor helped me realize in what direction I need to go.” – E.G., Madison, Wisconsin

“My workshop was great. The instructor made sure everyone was successful and pleased with their work. I cannot recommend study here higly enough. It was the most fun I’ve had in years.” – JK, California

“The class was exactly the info and hands on doing that I wanted. I feel ready to go make my wall mosaics now- totally worth the time and money for this class! I feel like I know how to put mosaics up on a wall, which is 100% what I wanted to learn. All my questions were answered patiently and in detail.” – S.D., Elgin, Illinois

“The workshop was so worthwhile, it was just”off the charts”!! The instructors’ knowledge, energy level and enthusiasm was outstanding. If there are graduate level courses in mosaic art, then they are here. I will remember this week for years to come and it will have a great influence on my work in the future.” – M.C., Chicago

“I really liked the structure of my class. It was very individualized and allowed everyone to work at their own pace on their project. The instructor was terrific, very experienced, helpful, full of ideas, patient and obviously a very talented artist. She was excellent at helping us at all stages of our projects. I would definitely recommend this program/school to others and I would take this course again!” – C.B., Illinois

“I really enjoyed this class! I felt free to try new techniques and experiment with my piece. I will be coming back for more classes from CMS.” – B.H., Wisconsin

“I loved taking the Pebble Mosaic Class. The instructor was very thorough and fun. I would drive back to Chicago anytime to take a class at the Chicago Mosaic School.” – D.W., Ohio

“My class taught me many different uses of materials. Had a great result in my artwork. Good group of people made for an excellent critique. The instructor was very informative and spent quality time with everyone.” – S.S., Illinois

“The Chicago Mosaic School is wonderful. It provided a relaxing, comfortable, bright environment condusive to learning and creating mosaic art, or art of any kind for that matter. The teachers were very knowledgable and talented, but very attentive and encouraging. I thought the instruction was comprehensive but not overwhelming. It was everything I hoped for and more.” – L.P., Illinois

“The teachers’ support and amazing breadth of knowledge helped me acheive something beyond my dreams – a beautiful piece of art I’ll be proud to display. I’m also coming away from the class with an appreciation for the mosaic art form. I cannot wait for the next class!” – C.B., Kansas

“This (8-week multi-level) course was my first class in mosaics. I was able to apply and understand the concepts the instructor gave me. I think I have a good foundation for additional courses in the study of mosaics.” – B.H., Illinois

“The Chicago Mosaic School is a place where ideas start flowing, without judgement. I felt welcome and safe. The class exceeded my expectations.” – A.P., Chicago

“Crucially, my skill level, project choice and interests were accepted and affirmed. This dramatically encouraged me for my future work in mosaics.” – E.W., Wisconsin

“Everything in this course was perfect for me. I have renewed energy for my mosaics. I am looking forward to the advanced Smalti class to enhance the skills and lessons from this class. It really was an excellent course!” – M.B., Michigan

“I like the atmosphere of the school, the energy of the instructors and the students. I have already recommended the class to others.” – J.S., Chicago

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