CMS Certification Program

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The Chicago Mosaic School is offering the first and only certification program in Mosaic Arts in the Americas. This program is for those interested in receiving comprehensive training in the world master tradition and a thorough education in Mosaic Arts. The Chicago Mosaic School Certification will provide such a foundation leading to expertise in contemporary mosaic practice.  It has been designed to give artists the opportunity for learning, training, and professionalism with the vast and growing field of Mosaics Arts.

Unveiled in January 2014, the CMS Certification Program in Mosaic Arts (© 2013) has been designed for both the local and long distance student.  The program gives students a foundation of skills and professionalism for a lifetime of artistic practice and is ideal for those looking to grow and develop their skills and artistic vocabulary.  The curriculum requires each student to complete 15 specific classes or workshops at CMS over the course of a two year period. Courses/workshops are usually offered more than once annually, giving enrollees multiple opportunities to fulfill the certification requirements.  Upon completion of coursework, Certification Program students will be obliged to participate in a portfolio review, pass a faculty assessment, and present a research project.


•Intro to Mosaics I
•Intro to Mosaics II
•Drawing Andamento for Mosaics
•Hammer and Hardie
•Direct Method
•Design Fundamentals for Mosaics
•Clay in Mosaic: Tiles & Elements


•Ravenna Method: Ancient and Modern
•Smalti Dimensions
•Advanced Materials and Process
•Professional Development Seminar

 Elective Courses (Choose 2)

•Modern Expressions with Verdiano Marzi
•Monochromatic with Toyoharu Kii
•Picassiette: Storytelling in Mosaic with Pamela Irving
•Large Scale Mosaics with Gary Drostle
•Sculptural Forms/Substrates
•Ceramic and Mosaic II (forms and sculpture)

Upon Completion of the class/workshop requirements:

•Faculty Review / Assessment
•Portfolio Review
•Research Paper, Power point, or Video


•Students begin the program with a orientation session with an assigned Faculty Advisor.

Faculty Advisors

•Students will be assigned 2 faculty advisors for the duration of the program. They will be available to you for questions and periodic check-ins and evaluations.

Research Paper/Presentation

•Students will be required to write one research paper or presentation. Topics will be discussed with the faculty advisor.

Portfolio Review

• Reviews and final assessments will take place after completion of the coursework. Students must show independent studio work as well as completed class projects.

Please email us at with any questions or to begin enrollment.

Enrollment is open; you may apply at any time.

•Request an application by email at or download it here: CP – application v2.2 

•Please submit all application materials in a single email to:

 •A $300 Enrollment fee is required upon application. Classes and workshops can be purchased on the CMS website individually at the regular course fee.

Go here to pay the enrollment fee online.


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