Dugald MacInnes
Dugald MacInnes

Mosaic As an Expressive Art Form- with Dugald MacInnes


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This workshop is intended for those who want to gain insight and direction in their voice and practice are looking for thoughtful feedback about their work. In a casual studio setting, participants will explore ways to grow in their work, and where to go with it, through directed discussion and observation. Led by Andryea Natkin, and CMS Founder Karen Ami, the group will interact through critical discussions and observations about their individual works. The process of evaluating work can provide students with suggestions for developing a body of work and building ones’ portfolio. The workshop will encourage participants to find new directions and possibilities within their work, to develop one’s artistic voice, to grow as an artist and gain confidence in discussing art from an objective point of view. Participant will be asked to bring in two artworks that they would like to get feedback on. In addition to the critical discussion, there will be a short talk about preparing artists’ statements and marketing one’s work. 

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[Fri-Tues, 7/21 – 7/25, 2017] [9-5pm] MACINNES – C6014, [Fri-Tues, 7/28 – 8/1, 2017] [9-5pm] MACINNES – C6015


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