CMS Student Becca Baruc tell us about her experience in Texture Workshop with Sue Giannotti

July 16, 2018

How/when did you originally find CMS, and what keeps bringing you back? 

I stumbled into a GoCM opening and marveled at the works. I had never seen mosaics as a contemporary fine art. That there is a thriving arts community is reason alone to keep coming back, but then there’s this medium that has so room to explore you voice in. Mosaics is a medium that combines so many other mediums, and yet isn’t as understood as other mediums!

How has this visiting artist workshop you’ve taken informed your practice? 

Taking Texture expanded the effects I can accomplish with the materials. Like painting or drawing, there are ways we can handle the tools and materials to better create different sounds and sensations. I learned entirely new ways to cut, place, and plan my pieces.

What do you look forward to in your future learnings at CMS? 

How to find my personal voice in mosaics. It’s one thing to have ideas and concepts, and another to have technique, but to be able to pair the two so I can express my message effectively is what I strive towards.

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