CMS Student Jeannette Gonzalez tells us about her Ravenna Method: Ancient & Modern Workshops with Sue Giannotti

May 8, 2018

How/when did you originally find CMS, and what keeps bringing you back? 

A friend introduced me to her experience at CMS in 2014, up to that point I had been self taught with a few local workshops to learn from. I knew the moment I walked into CMS that I needed to learn the level of mosaic art I saw all around the school & gallery. My first series of classes in June 2015 included the basic intro which fined tuned what I knew and helped me to create a better, stronger foundation on which each class afterward can build upon. I enrolled into the certification program for the structure to achieve my goals, I have seen tremendous growth and that’s what brings me back , the bonus is the CMS staff, instructors & students. The support and generosity of the time & talent give this community the global reputation of excellence. Always looking forward to my next class.


How has this visiting artist workshop you’ve taken informed your practice? 

I took the Ravenna Method Workshop with Sue Giannotti last November. Sue has wealth of knowledge and a passion for the ancient method. She gave us incredible step by step instructions to unravel the ancient method of mosaic making, and supported it with the rich history behind it. The Ravenna method exposed a new option based on the original practice widely used by mosaic artists around the world. I felt confident after taking the Ravenna method workshop to explore on my own and discover the possibilities.

What do you look forward to in your future learnings at CMS? 

I look forward to discovering more skills in mosaic making and learning to put it together with the artistry to create new pieces. Each class I take enables me to continue growing as an artist, and that is fascinating to realize I CAN do it!

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