CMS Student Laura Marie Sanchez tells us about her Wet Carved Concrete Workshop with Elder Jones

September 10, 2018

How/when did you originally find CMS, and what keeps bringing you back? 

I visited CMS one year when it was part of the Ravenswood Art Walk. I’d known about the school when it opened, but my work schedule at the time didn’t allow for attendance. Once it did, I was all in …What keeps bringing me back? Inspiration from the kindest and most creative mosaic artists in the world!

How has this visiting artist workshop you’ve taken informed your practice? 

I’d made a limited number of concrete items before but never had I thought of actually carving into it. I’d heard Elder was fabulous, and that’s the truth. This workshop provides an adjunct skill, and while not necessarily a strictly mosaic-fabricating technique, it can be a substrate-fabricating one, and provides another great way to incorporate something you may not have thought of to include in your mosaic toolkit.

What do you look forward to in your future learnings at CMS? 

You come to realize quickly at CMS that you never stop learning, in any sense. You might try things differently stylistically, or find you gravitate more towards one technique than another … but there’s always as much guidance and support in what you do, as you need or seek it. I look forward to learning everything i possibly can from the best instructors in this art field. And they ARE the best …

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