Our Supporters

Our Generous Supports range from Individual Donors, Corporate and Organization Sponsors, Family Funds, Grant Sponsors and more.

Without them, we would not be able to continue to do the work we do here at The Chicago Mosaic School!


1127 Granville LLC

Arts Work Fund

Illinois Art Council Agency

Nicholas and Mary Ann Karris Charitable Fund

$2,500 – $4,999

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Ed Hoy’s International

Sourlis Glass

Wedi Corp

$1,000 – $2,499

Emil Bach House

Karen Ami

Mark Feinberg

Michelle Kristula-Green

William Shepard

$500 – $999

Catherine Downey

James Ferg-Cadima

Jack Foley

Etty Hasak

Gali Kamil

Candice Klopfenstein

Marjorie Kreilick

Ruth Mendel

Marjorie Shafton

Thomas Schnabl

Wine For Humanity

$250 – $499

Kamilla Buddemeier

Helen and Michael Cameron in honor of Katharina Krewzer

Sue Coombs

Martha Crandall

Etty Hasak

Hyde Park Art Center

Annie Knepler

Dean and Deborah Madsen

Ruth Mendel

Brenda Montanille

Motoko Quinlan

Eugenia Sherman Brown

Cynthia Stanton

$100 – $249

Lynn Adamo

Ellen Aiken

Leticia Allen

American Writers Museum

Bark Bark Club

Joanne Cascio

David Chidgey

Patti Colandrea

Barb Dalenberg

Edgewater Chamber of Commerce

Rick Ehlers

Chris Elam

Eileen Gassman

Jeannette Gonzalez

Jacki Gran

Kenneth Hundrieser

Pamela Irving

Mary Kirby

Elizabeth Knospe

Regina Levin

Patricia Levine

Lillstreet Art Center

Beth Lodal

Machete Theatre Company

Erin Miller

Eric Minkowski

Laura Murphy

Suzanne Nelson

Mary Jo O’Rourke

Joan Ogden

Terry Opalek

Gail Patejunas

Pivot Arts Festival

Liz Rein

Vaiju Saraf

Sara Sevec

Lisa Simmons

Cynthia Stanton

Uncommon Ground

Rudy Van Loon

Becki Utigard

Jancey Wickstrom

Henry Wilkinson

Amy Wolfe


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‘Our Supporters’ list is updated on a quarterly basis. If you have found an error in our listing, please contact our office at (info@chicagomosaicschool.com) with the Subject Line: “CMS Supporters List”.

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Emil Bach Ed Hoy Arts work Fund Illinois Arts Council